Multiresolution Neural Networks for Imaging

3University of Coimbra

Cameraman - multiresolution levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 and corresponding Fourier spectra.


description [Aug 25th 2022] Page online.


MR-Net is a general architecture for multiresolution neural networks, and a framework for imaging applications. Our coordinate-based networks are continuous both in space and in scale as they are composed of multiple stages that progressively add finer details. Besides that, they are a compact and efficient representation. We show examples of multiresolution image representation and applications to texture magnification and minification, and antialiasing.


Multiresolution Neural Networks for Imaging

Hallison Paz, Tiago Novello, Vinicius Silva, Guilherme Shardong, Luiz Schirmer, Fabio Chagas, Helio Lopes, Luiz Velho

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We would like to thank Daniel Yukimura for participation in the early stages of this project